Helping people live in the now (and enjoy the ride).

Psychedelic Integration Coaching is a powerful way of welcoming mindfulness into your life and providing the tools needed to recover, heal, and thrive.

Now more than ever before, people are realizing how crucial mental awareness is and how big of a role our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs play throughout the course of our lives.

Instead of shoving bad feelings or negative thoughts down and attempting to go about the day normally, many are seeking ways to balance their inner world and feel more at peace.

Amongst a sea of self-help techniques and therapeutic practices, psychedelic coaching gets straight to the point by invoking a chemical shift in the brain and, ultimately, an observable shift in perception.

Bringing the shadow into the light…

So, what exactly is Psychedelic Integration?

Here at Inner Dimensions Integration, we are trained to ensure that our client’s use of psychedelic medicine is safe and effective. Like traditional therapeutic practices, we assess each client’s condition individually to find the best course of action and the most appropriate treatment to assist in their healing.

Alongside coaching to achieve mental shifts and behavioral changes, we help our clients approach psychedelics in a responsible and informed manner. For example, there may need to be specific parameters in place for some, such as a plan to taper off of medication or work alongside an already-established therapist.

All of our psychedelic integration offerings include the following pillars:


Receive one or more groundwork sessions before taking the medicine, where we’ll discuss the Four S’s of prepping for a psychedelic journey.

  1. Setting intentions.
  2. Setting the atmosphere.
  3. Skills for navigating the journey.
  4. Support system during and after the journey.


After the psychedelic journey has occurred, we focus on integrating valuable thoughts, feelings, memories, or new beliefs. This evaluation includes sorting through past trauma or harm and planning for any changes you’d like to make.

Mindfulness Skills Training

Mindfulness is at the center of everything we do. And it’s a skill set that will enhance the healing journey (and the rest of your life) in innumerable ways. Mindfulness skills training teaches clients to be in the present moment with intention and without judgment.

What are the benefits?

Including psychedelic coaching in your approach gives you the best of both worlds by fusing two sides of the healing spectrum:

  1. Jumping into the deep end. Psychedelic medicine is powerful. Rather than the slow and arduous pursuit of healing, psychedelics take you deep into the psyche for a shorter amount of time, allowing you to process the experience after the fact.
  2. Obtaining the necessary tools and training to stay safe. Working with a trained psychedelic professional can minimize the risk often associated with psychedelic medicine. We provide the tools for success beforehand and a safety net after the psychedelic experience.

Need to know more?

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